Monday, 9 December 2013

Whats happing.

In my second year in university we had to choose two subject out of set props and costume to take i decided to take props and costume. 

Last Years work

As i said in my older post i was going to add some of last years work to show you what I've been doing while i haven't been posted .

Costume projects

Final Mask for costume it was influenced by clock cogs and gears and also the rust in metal and all the colours that appear in it .

Hand embroidered bird for shirt

The two hand embroidered birds on the shirt.

Final design for costume inspired by Katy Perry

Props project  

My first project for props in first year was to design and make a bird puppet that had a moving beak i think this was rather successful i learnt lots of new processes.

In the second semester we created food for miss havishams wedding breakfast table i made frog jellies with frogs in them i made them out of resin i coloured with green pigment

miss havishams wedding breakfast with my frog jellies and smaller frog jellies on 

Not been updating my blog as much as i should

I haven't been updating my blog as much as i should well really i haven't updated it at all. I'm going to put up my last year work i got onto second year as I'm still here il be updating this in the next few days and update you on whats happing now and keep on top of this blog fingers crossed. look out for more to come.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

First Post

what do you put on your first blog well im Megan im 19 nearly 20  i go to ccad in hartlepool where i am living but i am yorkshire born and breed  and proud, i do entertainment design craft where i am in my first year  and hopefully will get onto my next year very excited about this. we get new projects this week which i am very excited about and shall put some of my last semesters work hope you are interested in the work i have so far produced as I am proud of what i have achieved.